Friendster Jejaring Sosial Kini Menjadi Free Online Games

Friendster Jejaring Sosial Kini Menjadi Free Online GamesPastinya anda sudah mengenal apa itu Friendster. Friendster dulunya terkenal seperti Facebook dan twitter sekarang ini. Ya, Friendster dulunya adalah situs Jejaring Sosial/ Social Network. Tetapi ketika tadi saya iseng buka Yahoo! Answers ada seseorang yang bertanya.

Bagaimana melihat daftar teman di friendster?
cara lihat daftar teman di friendster gmn ya? udah lama gak dibuka sekarang tampilannya berubah, jadi game online, klo mau liat daftar teman yg dulu pernah kita add gimana ya?

Disitu saya juga bingung kok ada kata Game Online ?

Singapura Kesulitan Blokir Situs Tak Diinginkan

Singapura Kesulitan Blokir Situs Tak DiinginkanSingapura Kesulitan Blokir Situs Tak Diinginkan. Jelas saja sulit situs di internet adalah milik masing – masing dan di internet sangatlah bebas. Proteksi dan security pun cukup kuat bagi yang ahli dalam bidangnya.
Singapura kesulitan memblokir situs – situs porno dan situs yang dianggap berbahaya atau tak diinginkan, ungkap Tuck.

Bing Search Engine from Microsoft

The Bing search engine is Microsoft?s foray into the search engine market. It is not their first attempt at creating a search engine though. In fact, the Bing search engine was developed from the Microsoft Live search engine. It is a powerful search engine which yields many relevant results for just about any keywords you enter.
The results obtained from Bing are typically quite useful. They are also well laid out with a list of results appearing in the main column of the results page. There are also subheadings, which feature related keywords and a few results for these related keywords. This feature is useful from a user?s perspective because it can help them find a wide variety of information for one subject rather quickly. The layout also clearly distinguishes results from sponsored